Comments, Complaints & Compliments

A guide on how to provide feedback on South East and Central Essex Mind services

South East and Central Essex Mind welcome all feedback whether it is a complaint, expression of concern or a compliment. All feedback is useful in helping us continually improve and shape the service we provide.

General Comments and Compliments

These are shared between the service concerned, senior management and Trustees. General comments and compliments can be sent directly to our Services Manager


We have a complaints procedure to help us respond effectively to more serious concerns and complaints. It is easy to use, fair and helps us deal with complaints quickly. A member of staff will be able to give you a copy of this policy.

Who can Make a Complaint?


Anyone who is dissatisfied with South East and Central Essex Mind services, staff or volunteers can make a complaint, including external individuals and organisations. For example, you can make a complaint if you feel someone from South East and Central Essex Mind has treated you unfairly or failed to deliver agreed services.


Informal Complaints


Any complaint should be informally expressed initially with the person responsible or a more senior member of staff. They will listen to your concerns and address them within 2 weeks. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may make a formal complaint.

How to Make a Formal Complaint​

Please contact the relevant Service Manager in writing or by telephone being specific and giving examples. Please explain the reasons for your complaint in as much detail as possible. Also describe any actions you have already taken to try to resolve the matter. The Service Manager will investigate the complaint fully. This is likely to involve meeting with you and other people involved. The Manager will reply to you in writing within 3 weeks, explaining the outcome of the investigation. Complainants are welcome to be accompanied by a friend or advocate at all stages of the formal complaint process. If you are unhappy about the outcome then you can submit an appeal. All formal complaints are reported to the Board of Trustees.


How to Appeal

If the problem is not resolved then an appeal can be made. The complainant can explain the original complaint, the outcomes of the previous stages and why you were unhappy with these outcomes in writing. The appeal should be sent to the Services Manager, marked ‘Private and Confidential’. The Appeal must be made within 3 months of the conclusion of stage 1 of making a formal complaint.

The Services Manager will then investigate in a similar fashion to that conducted in the formal investigation and report back to the complainant within 4 weeks, where possible. If the Services Manager has been involved in the original investigation then the Chief Executive will take on this role at the appeal stage.

How to Make a Final Appeal

If you are still not satisfied with the appeal process conducted by the Services Manager, you can write to the Chief Officer at the our Head Office. If you are writing by post please mark the letter ‘Private and Confidential’. The Chief Officer will review all previous stages of the complaints handling process (not investigate the complaint) and reply within 4 weeks, in writing. If the Chief Officer has been involved in an earlier stage of the complaint, then the Chair of Trustees will take on this role. In all other cases, the decision of the Chief Officer or Chair of Trustees is final.

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Please send comments, compliments, formal complaints and appeals to: Services Manager,  South East and Central Essex Mind, 112a Southchurch Road, Southend, Essex, SS1 2LX Tel: 01702 601123  Please mark any postal letters ‘Private and Confidential’ on the envelope.