SECE Mind Corporate Training Partner shortlisted for Wellbeing Award

We were so pleased to hear that ENS Recruitment were shortlisted for the ENEI (Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion) Wellbeing Award 2019 – Private Sector.

During 2018, we partnered with ENS to help improve how they handled mental health for all of their internal and agency staff. We delivered training on mental health and helped ENS improve their understanding of mental health in the work place.

A reflection piece was conducted at the end of the first year of our partnership and 90% of the staff agreed that the company was committed to mental health and that as an employer, ENS understood the impact of mental health.

One of the ENS Managers had this to say;

'My team members are in a much better place and thankfully appear to be on the mend. We ensured that they were not disregarded, and offered flexibility to support them as well as patience with their ability to do their work.

ENS have much more sensitivity when staff are sick. We balance the management of staff sickness with fairness and on an individual basis. We no longer believe that everyone should have the same process regardless of long term conditions. This approach has had a positive effect on those that do have long term conditions and they are no longer put under stressful return to work interviews.'

Congratulations ENS and keep up the good work!

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