Course Price


Course length

50 Minutes

Our short Youtube series of relaxation techniques and exercises in collaboration with



Stephanie - Holistic Life Yoga

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We are excited to share a short series of videos aimed at resting your body and restoring your mind. These sessions are taught by Stephanie of Holistic Life Yoga as part of our Mental Health and Wellbeing Training at SECE Mind.

There are 5 sessions, each no more than 10 minutes long, so easy to fit into our busy lives. The videos are aimed at helping you learn relaxation techniques to improve your wellbeing and stress management during these challenging times.

This series has been produced as part of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week which focuses on the theme of Kindness. At South East and Central Essex Mind we are looking at kindness to others, to our community, the environment and most importantly, to ourselves.

We hope you enjoy!