Corporate sponsorship levels & benefits


One of the primary benefits of sponsoring your local Mind is the affiliation with a well-known national mental health charity.  Although we are a separate charity and responsible for funding our own services, the 'Mind' brand goes a long way. It is especially useful for businesses who wish to improve and create mentally healthy workplaces and achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies.


South East and Central Essex Mind helps over 1000 people per year. We are present on most digital channels, have a customer and a client database whom we promote to and a website which attracts traffic across Essex. We hold workshops and conferences and promote ourselves at face-to-face business and community events to extend our reach. 


However, being a charity in this economic climate is challenging. We are stuck in the middle and it's difficult to keep our voice. We have to provide a service to the community using our own funds but these are difficult to get and unpredictable. We also need to pursue contracts, tenders, and grants which can restrict us to focus on specific areas rather than maintain a holistic approach. 


We can help each other. 


We can provide you with promotion and the means to help your own community. You can be confident and assured that your sponsorship will be ringfenced to help the people of Essex and the pride in being Corporate Ambassador for mental health in the workplace to your peers.  



We have provided different levels below to help you understand what we are looking for and how much of a difference your investment could make. 


Event Sponsorship Levels:




Event corporate sponsorship levels.png
Event corporate sponsorship cash

If you are interested in hearing our up-and-coming opportunities please contact our Development Manager, Krisitna Stazaker on 01702 601123 or email