Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Services

REASON is a Community Development Worker Service commissioned by the Clinical Commissioning Groups; Castle Point and Rochford and Southend.

This service focuses on the Black and Ethnic Minority community groups, as well as LGBT groups, with the intention of breaking down barriers that exist between minority communities and service provision. We reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health, support individuals to increase confidence and encourage taking on new responsibilities and, promote healthy living and social inclusion.

We work within the community by;

  • working with groups and individuals to improve access to information and mental health services,

  • assisting Service Providers in cultural competence,

  • helping to arrange interpreter services,

  • arranging guest speakers to talk to groups on a range of health subjects relating to positive mental health.

This service is available to individuals over 13 years of age with mental health issues. These can range from stress, anxiety and depression to more long and enduring conditions such as bipolar and schizophrenia. You may self-refer or be referred by a community group, such as your spiritual leader or cultural group leader, your GP or the health services.

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