Giggle and Sizzle

Join us this summer!


Are you having a BBQ, takeaway or brunch this August? Why not have a big difference at the same time. 


SECE Mind and Peaceful Place are joining forces again to ask people to host BBQs or summer events at their homes/in their community and donate any profits raised to help mental health and early onset dementia in Essex.  


After the 'cook n chat' challenge last year, we wanted to come together again and encourage people to talk more openly about their mental health and dementia and bring their friends and families together to have fun!


If you haven't got a garden, that's no problem! Using a dinner party, coffee and cake morning, order a takeaway or even a cup of tea with neighbours count. It's about coming together and being there for each other. 


You can choose to tell us about your event or keep it private. If you want us to help you make your event special, you can purchase a Giggle and Sizzle event pack for £5 which will contain balloons, pens, stickers, leaflets and a donation tin.


Please email and we will get it sent to your house or workplace. 


It doesn't matter if you choose not to fundraise as it's about raising awareness. However, if you decided that this is what you would like to do, you can donate here after the event. 






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