Checklist for staying at home

Here is a helpful checklist to help you prepare for staying home or self-isolating. Use this practical list to help preempt and tend to your needs in order to help manage your wellbeing during this time.

  • Food: do you have a way to get food delivered if you need to self-isolate?

  • Cleaning: do you have cleaning supplies?

  • Work: can you carry on working, including working from home? If not, can you find out your rights to payment or benefits?

  • Medication: do you have enough medication, or a way to get more?

  • Health: can you reorganise any planned therapy or treatments?

  • Connectivity: have you got ways to keep in contact with people you see regularly, like their phone numbers, email addresses? Do you need help setting up digital communication, like a video calling app?

  • Routine: can you create a routine or timetable for yourself? And if you live with other people, should you create a household schedule? Do you need to agree how the household will run with everyone at home all day?

  • Exercise: is there any physical activity you can do inside your home, like going up and down the stairs, using bean tins as weights, or exercises you can do in your chair?

  • Nature: have you thought about how you can bring nature into your home? Can you get some seeds and planting equipment delivered, or put up photos of green spaces?

  • Entertainment: have you thought about things to do, books to read or TV shows to watch?

  • Relax: have you got materials so you can do something creative, such as pencils and paper?

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