Children and Young People's Support Service granted continuation

This Children's Mental Health Awareness Week we are thrilled to confirm have been granted a continuation of our Children and Young Peoples (CYP) Support Service.

Services manager Catherine Weir said:

“This important partnership between SECE Mind, Kids Inspire and Open door Thurrock has been a lifeline to those children and young people who are facing an uncertain time during this pandemic. The service is funded by Southend and Essex CCGs and open to children and young people in Mid and South East Essex whose mental health has been adversely effected by the pandemic.

The service combines wellbeing mentoring and counselling services to support young people to develop their coping mechanisms and work through what is a troubling time for everyone. It gives young people time dedicated to them by a trusted adult who can support their emotional growth and help them explore and manage their wellbeing. Our charity have been running a collection of small groups where they can explore why we experience emotions and what we can do to cope when life is getting tough. The service has already seen 6 groups running after school hours and several young people get additional support through 1 to 1 mentoring and counselling.

The partnership with Kids Inspire and Open door means the service can cover a wide range of types of support and partnership working means we can expand our knowledge and skills to better serve those who use our services.

Most of our young people have become very familiar with online delivery due to the changes to their educational programs so delivering in this way has allowed us some stability in an uncertain world right now. We have really valued being able to share our experience and knowledge of emotional wellbeing with young people to help them through such a difficult time, we have provided online support for children across our area and its been a delight to see the difference it has made for young people”

Find out more about the partnership and CYP referral scheme here

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