Redundancy - A chance to 'seize the moment'?

Psychologist Dr Susie Mitchell suggests taking a moment of reflection could help set you on the right path.

Frequent announcements of company closures and resulting redundancies have made this this is a worrying time for many. Additionally, the prospect of finding employment in a difficult post-lockdown job market may seem daunting.

But, speaking on Mornings, psychologist Dr Susie Mitchell suggested that, rather than focusing on the negatives, we should seize the moment to find the career we've always wanted.

Manage your emotions

Redundancy can be a huge personal blow, resulting in a myriad of emotions. Learning to manage those feelings is an important first step, according to Dr Mitchell. "You may have that feeling of lacking in self-worth, of 'Why is it happening to me?'," she says. "You don’t want to tell your family and friends. It is a very heavy burden." However, being honest with others about the loss and accepting the situation for what it is can go some way to regaining control. Redundancy can knock our confidence and make us question our abilities, but it gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we are in our chosen careers, explains Dr Mitchell. "Take time to think about what you really want to do and what you love to do. It is a shock, you lose confidence, you lose self-worth but you really need to use this time [to help] you could go on to bigger and greater things."

Brainstorm your next move

Looking ahead to your next role, Dr Mitchell advises trying this practical exercise to help focus on where you want to be and what you want to do. On a piece of paper write down what you enjoy doing - perhaps it involves cooking, gardening or dealing with animals. Creating a list of interests then whittling it down to the five you love most can help focus thinking on what your next step should be. "Think, 'Is that the arena I want to work in?', says Dr Mitchell. "Because to do what we love fills our soul up better".

Get some exercise

Amid all this absorbing and planning Dr Mitchell says we should remember to exercise. "To help balance those emotions literally, do some form of exercise. It's one of the fastest ways to put some positive endorphins into your body. Go for a 20 minute run, or go for a walk." Redundancy can have huge implications on our lives, but Dr Mitchell believes we shouldn't give in to panic. "You get some money with a redundancy package - and it depends on your savings - but taking a few days just to calm yourself down and do a bit of exercise and a bit of planning of what you want to do is what I would recommend."

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